Onaka Support™

Onaka-Pilldump-WebOnaka Support™ is a perfect blend of 10 strains of probiotic bacteria (approximately 2.2 billion CFUs* per 2 tablet serving) designed for children to support their immune and digestive systems. Onaka Support also contains pre-biotics as short-chain fructooligosaccharides, also known as scFOS. Prebiotics stimulate the growth and activity of friendly bacteria in the digestive system and assist in the digestive process. The chewable tablets have an apple flavor that kids love!

Onaka Support Advantages

  • No refrigeration is necessary. The organism extraction and freeze drying method results in a stable coated capsule that prevents heat, air and moisture from having an effect on the organisms
  • 10 different strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium
  • Also includes pre-biotics (scFOS) useful in promoting the growth of probiotic gut microflora, exerting positive effects on digestive health and regularity, to support mineral absorption and immune function.
  • Ionic plant-based minerals and natural oat and barley grasses are added to assist in pH balance and the digestive process
  • Probiotic strains included to survive stomach acid and reach small intestine
  • Guaranteed probiotic preservation through the manufacturing and delivery process



Quest Group probiotics are produced fresh from natural sources for every production run. This results in a profoundly more effective product than just buying stored probiotic ingredients.

Onaka Support combines 10 different strains of the most well known probiotics – Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium – species that are known to work together to maintain a balance of “good” flora in the digestive tract.

We also include scFOS, a natural, soluble prebiotic fiber, to help promote growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract by producing “food” for this growth. Short-chain FOS (scFOS) is unique because it can be utilized more quickly than other types of FOS. Prebiotics are found in foods like onions, garlic, leeks, artichokes, peas, beans and more. The FOS in Onaka Support is derived from non-GMO beet or cane sugar, and it is added to support probiotic growth and digestive health.

Ionic Plant Based Minerals – Over 30 plant based minerals are harvested from the shores of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The minerals are sterilized and reduced to an ultra-fine powder.

Inulins are a group of naturally occurring polysaccharides produced from many types of plants such as yam, onion, garlic, agave, elecampane, dandelion and more. Inulin belongs to a class of fibers known as fructans. Inulin is a prebiotic dietary fiber that is a digestive aid and promotes growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Supported by the results of a large number of scientifically substantiated animal studies and human nutrition intervention trials, inulin-type fructans enhance calcium and magnesium absorption. Inulin also acts as a natural sweetener in Onaka Support.

The organic oat grass powder in Onaka Support is harvested fresh for each production. First the fresh oat grass is juiced, freeze dried and then ground into a nutrient dense powder.

Barley grass powder is harvested fresh from nutrient rich soils for each production of Onaka Support. This specially grown grass has a superior nutrient content to commercially processed barley. The barley grass is juiced, freeze dried and then ground into a nutrient dense powder.

Onanka Support contains no artificial colors or sweeteners

Suggested Use:  Adults and children ages 2 and older, take 2-4 tablets daily.

Directions: Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration after opening is only suggested if in a hot and humid climate. As with any natural product, color and taste may vary.

* CFU is “Colony Forming Unit”, a measure of live bacteria.