Our mission is to enrich your life by helping you improve your health. Without good health, many things like family, friends, professional life, hobbies, and social relationships, holidays and vacations are difficult to enjoy. As our health improves, our happiness improves too.

Our purpose at Quest Group is to educate about preventative health and provide the highest quality supplements needed to achieve and maintain optimal health. The advancement of natural health remedies is fueled by a huge demand in the USA. More people are dissatisfied with the results they get from modern medicine. This consumer demand has prompted worldwide research and development, especially in America.

Can Supplements Heal the Body or Cure Disease?

There are over 90 vitamins and minerals that are absolutely essential to good health. If you don’t get all of these “essentials” you will be more susceptible to illness and disease. It is a scientific fact that our food today has a lower nutritional value than foods produced in past generations. The modern diet of fast foods and highly process foods filled with preservatives, chemicals, excess sugar, artificial sweeteners, and bad fats. This is why no one gets all of the “essentials” from their food. If you don’t get them in your food, you need to add supplements.

Increasingly more medical doctors are recognizing the healing value of healthy diet and supplements. Dr. Gibson is a one of these doctors that has changed his practice away from traditional medicine to Natural Health Solutions.

Although, as Quest Group and Dr. Gibson have always recommended, the best source of nutrition is whole natural foods, adding supplements is required to getting all the essentials you need. The body avoids illness and reverses disease ONLY when it has the proper nutrients. This is why our customers get amazing results when they improve their daily food choices and add supplements.

Every NeoSource product set contains a powerful, safe and effective combination of natural food supplements that we guarantee will be a positive and profound blessing to your health and wellness.