NeoGuard Chewable®

NeoGuard Chewable® is well a balanced nutritional supplement in a tasty chewable tablet designed for children and seniors. It combines many of the same ingredients found in NeoPak® and NeoGuard®.

Why should a parent consider NeoGuard Chewable® for their children?
Generally, kids prefer junk food and don’t get the nutrients needed in their diet to maintain health. It is a well known fact that today many of our foods are packaged, processed, cold stored, irradiated, and treated with pesticides. Even the “healthy” food kids eat is grown and harvested from land that has been over-farmed, and in many cases, the soil has been replenished with phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, and chemical fertilizers. Food grown in depleted soils is weak in nutrient content and is one of the reasons children are not getting what they need for healthy growth and development. Our children are exposed everyday to environmental pollutants and have eating habits that don’t provide the nutrients needed to support their immune system and maintain optimal health.

NeoGuard Chewable® provides nutrient dense 100% natural whole foods, vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants needed to support good health. A variety of sea greens that grow in shallow, mid level, and deep water—a source virtually unaffected by air pollution, water pollution, and harmful chemicals is included in NeoGuard Chewable®. The phytonutrients from sea vegetation grown and harvested from ocean waters are among the purest natural sources of many vital nutrients. The mineral content of sea vegetation is superior to land vegetation. The naturally grown or wild crafted nutrient dense ingredients in NeoGuard Chewable® help your child avoid the problems associated with many of the foods on the market today.

Why do my kids suffer from frequent colds or flu?
More than 200 different types of viruses cause colds. These viruses are transmitted by air and touch. Exposure to cold outdoor air and fatigue do not make you more likely to get a cold, although psychological stress may. People in large families are more likely to catch colds, as are children at school and day care centers and adult workers in office buildings.

Most people diagnose and treat their own colds and do not see a doctor because antibiotics and antihistamines cannot help cure colds. Children can suffer colds for 10 to 14 days, sometimes missing school and causing parents to miss work before the symptoms are relieved.

Because colds result from viral infections, there is no medicinal cure. But our body can fight colds for us. Feeding the body healthy nutrition that supports the natural immune function can prevent cold symptoms from ever advancing. Drinking plenty of water with NeoGuard Chewable® will help support your child’s natural immune system. It has been commonly reported that NeoGuard Chewable® users experience fewer colds and illness.

Will NeoGuard Chewable® help with attention, learning, and behavioral disorders?
Our research and development team has spent many years studying attention disorders among children and discovered that by adding nutrient-dense foods to supplement their diet, the children appeared to stay on task, learn more easily, and were better behaved.

neoguard-chewable-webOur doctor tells us that our child is dealing with a neurological issue and a good diet is not enough. How can NeoGuard Chewable® help? Part of the standard medical treatment for children with attention and concentration challenges often includes medication. The medications most commonly used increase the number of neurotransmitters in the brain to increase the child’s attention span. NeoGuard Chewable® supplies natural amino acid building blocks for these neurotransmitters in an easily assimilated non-toxic form. Some commonly reported benefits include, decreased allergy symptoms, reduced hyperactivity, improved focus and attention, and improved self-esteem.

Do food additives hurt children? 
Recent medical studies indicate that many children are sensitive and react to chemicals, dyes, and preservatives often found in processed food products. There has been a significant increase in the amount of additives in foods, especially foods targeted and marketed towards children. There has also been an increase in learning and attention problems among children in our country. To help combat the effects of these growing concerns we have created NeoGuard Chewable®, which has been reported to help children overcome learning disabilities.

Can food allergies contribute to the challenges that some children face?
Research demonstrates that many allergic, hyperactive children do indeed react to certain foods such milk and processed products. It is thought that the proteins in these foods are not completely broken down in the digestion process and contribute to these symptoms. It has been commonly reported that removing these foods from the diet and supplementing with NeoGuard Chewable® can reduce these symptoms.