Research & Development

Research – Quest Group has partnered with scientists from the world’s leading natural products suppliers to identify key active ingredients in many herbal and natural plant foods known to be effective in fighting illness and disease. Through these partnerships we develop leading edge products of unparalleled quality and excellence.

Synergies – Creating an alliance of specialized companies offering top quality and services around the world, Quest Group is truly unique in the natural supplement industry.

Science – The natural supplement industry is growing rapidly and no one scientist or company has all the answers. Through our alliance with leading scientists and suppliers, we have access to shared resources on the latest research and product development from the U.S. and around the world which means that our customers benefit enormously from the expertise and infrastructure of a global network.

Product Development – This organizational model generates substantial synergies that enable us to deliver our top quality NeoSource® brand of natural health solutions to our customers in the U.S. and in Japan. Quest Group’s unique products and delivery systems benefit the consumer in Japan with natural health solutions that would otherwise not be available in their country. Products are shipped daily from our Los Angeles warehouse, delivered quickly to our customer’s doorstep anywhere in Japan – usually in less than one week.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – We are truly very well appreciated by our customers – we have a 99.9 + percent customer satisfaction rating and a re-order rate that exceeds 70%. Our Customers benefit directly from our globally accumulated expertise, R&D capacities, diverse product lines and fast delivery of products unavailable from sources in Japan.