Letter from the President

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The U.S. Health Care system is in a crisis. Spending on health care has increased 42% in the past 10 years it has grown to nearly 20% of the total economy. The nation cannot afford it. Japan and other countries are experiencing a similar situation. The sad tragedy is that in spite of this increased spending, the rates of illness and disease are rising.

The good news is that because of this crisis, the choices that we have for health care are expanding. More and more people are turning to alternative solutions and learning how healthy eating and nutritional supplements can unleash the amazing power of their body’s natural healing system.

Often, poor health choices are made due to a lack of knowledge. Quest Group’s mission is to inform people of natural health solutions and introduce new effective products and services that can make a significant difference in their lives.

Wishing better health to all,


Craig Davis
Quest Group USA LC

About Quest Group

Quest Group was founded to provide natural health solutions. We have partnered with top scientists and nutritional experts to develop superior products and health programs that have helped thousands of people around the world overcome common health problems – without using harmful and dangerous drugs.

We invite you to learn for yourself how easy it can be to overcome illness, disease, and weight problems. Try the NeoSource products, a natural health solution, and unleash the power of your body’s natural healing system.


The Quest Group Mission is improving the health and happiness of the world, one person at a time, through the effective nutritional products and personal improvement opportunities we provide.


Our Vision is Simple: Provide 1,000,000 customers with natural health solutions annually.


Our Values are the heart of our movement and the principles on which we are founded. All Quest Group Affiliates and employees are passionately focused on driving customer success. We:

  • Respect diversity.
  • Demand integrity.
  • Encourage teamwork and cheerfully support each other.
  • Advocate continual personal development.
  • Honor our commitments and financial stewardship.
  • Support charitable causes.
  • Constantly seek innovation and quality improvement.
  • Strive for excellence in all we do to ensure that the customer is the first beneficiary of our efforts.

Quality and Excellence

Quest Group continually seeks the highest standards of quality and purity in the ingredients used in NeoSource® products. Quality is paramount to our success in accomplishing our mission to deliver natural health solutions. Seeing our vision come to life is dependent on our customers having a successful result from NeoSource.

Selection and Sourcing

In recent years, clinical studies by research scientists from major universities around the world are validating the amazing effectiveness of natural food supplements. NeoSource® products are a unique blend of these natural ingredients. Hundreds of natural ingredients are combined to create simple products that are easy and convenient to use.


The active ingredients in NeoSource® grow naturally with widely varying degrees of potency. During the production process, active ingredients in these food sources are scientifically isolated and measured to ensure that each NeoSource® capsule contains the same amount of each active ingredient.


NeoSource™ combines only ingredients that are proven by clinical studies and recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be safe. Raw material analysis for the presence of microbials, toxins, heavy metals, and other contaminates are performed on all ingredients is performed prior to production. Active ingredient amounts are based on dosages proven effective through clinical trials and U.S. government regulations. Certificates of Analysis from each product run are kept on file. Each product label has clear instructions for use and contains appropriate warning information.


Everyone benefits from improved nutrition. Good nutrition is required so the natural healing system in the human body can repair and rejuvenate itself with the ability to fight illness and disease. NeoSource™ products are guaranteed to give you healthy results. You have nothing to lose. You don’t get that guarantee on an inferior multi-vitamin, and you don’t get that guarantee on the expensive drugs prescribed by your doctor. How can we continue to offer this guarantee? Because after thousands of products sold, we have a 99% product satisfaction rating. If you are not completely satisfied with NeoSource™ products, we will gladly offer you a refund and wish you well in your search for better health.

Research & Development

Research – Quest Group has partnered with scientists from the world’s leading natural products suppliers to identify key active ingredients in many herbal and natural plant foods known to be effective in fighting illness and disease. Through these partnerships we develop leading edge products of unparalleled quality and excellence.

Synergies – Creating an alliance of specialized companies offering top quality and services around the world, Quest Group is truly unique in the natural supplement industry.

Science – The natural supplement industry is growing rapidly and no one scientist or company has all the answers. Through our alliance with leading scientists and suppliers, we have access to shared resources on the latest research and product development from the U.S. and around the world which means that our customers benefit enormously from the expertise and infrastructure of a global network.

Product Development – This organizational model generates substantial synergies that enable us to deliver our top quality NeoSource® brand of natural health solutions to our customers in the U.S. and in Japan. Quest Group’s unique products and delivery systems benefit the consumer in Japan with natural health solutions that would otherwise not be available in their country. Products are shipped daily from our Los Angeles warehouse, delivered quickly to our customer’s doorstep anywhere in Japan – usually in less than one week.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – We are truly very well appreciated by our customers – we have a 99.9 + percent customer satisfaction rating and a re-order rate that exceeds 70%. Our Customers benefit directly from our globally accumulated expertise, R&D capacities, diverse product lines and fast delivery of products unavailable from sources in Japan.

Unmatched Quality

NeoSource products are formulated using latest scientific research that has identified key active ingredients in natural plant foods. Pharmaceutical science techniques are deployed to extract these key ingredients to develop natural products of unparalleled quality and effectiveness. We have partnered with top scientists and nutritional experts to develop NeoSource products and health programs that have helped thousands of people around the world overcome common health problems – without using harmful and dangerous drugs.

Key to NeoSource effectiveness is the synergistic blend. Isolated herbs are helpful and scientific tests have proved positive the effects of individual herbs. However, new tests indicate that certain vitamins, minerals, herbs and antioxidants are more effective when combined. That’s why the NeoSource blend works so well. NeoSource contains phytonutrient vegetables, superfoods, sea/fresh water vegetation, adaptogenic and standardized herbs and offers a complete nutritional profile from 100% natural, whole foods to provide the natural factors that are commonly missing in synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements.

Superfoods are among the world’s finest nutrient-dense foods. They contain a complete array of nutritional factors which support optimum health.*

Phytonutrients, also known as phytochemicals, are the natural components recently isolated in dark pigments of vegetables and fruits. These nutrients feed the body what it needs to fight off illness and disease.

Adaptogenic herbs help promote healthy cell regeneration in the body. By helping to normalize important body functions, adaptogens nutritionally support the body’s natural balance and “adapt” to more efficient functioning.

Additionally, NeoSource contains approximately 74-plant based, naturally chelated, trace minerals derived from our exclusive Sea Life Blend. The Sea Life Blend consists of eight varieties of sea vegetables freshly harvested from shallow, mid-level and deep water…a source virtually unaffected by air pollution, water pollution, and harmful chemicals.