neoguard-webAs an antioxidant nutrient booster, NeoGuard® is best used in combination with NeoPak® for extra antioxidant support to optimize health and avoid illness. NeoGuard® blends a powerful combination of antioxidant nutrients to help you win the war against free radicals.

How do antioxidant nutrients work?
Antioxidants fight free radicals. Free radicals are unstable compounds in your body that have lost electrons. They exist naturally, but they are also introduced to the body unnaturally from oxidized compounds in unclean air, chemicals in foods and water, tobacco, etc. They damage health by stealing electrons from vital cells, attacking and oxidizing DNA (the genetic material that controls cell growth and regeneration and oxidizing cellular mitochondria, which robs you of energy and vitality). If free radicals are not quickly trapped, they set off a highly destructive oxidation chain reaction that damages more healthy cells at an increasing rate.

We can protect ourselves from free radicals with antioxidants. An antioxidant is a compound that neutralizes free radicals and stops the destructive chain reaction process. Recent scientific and medical studies indicate that the big killer diseases like cancers, heart disease, stroke, and other dreaded diseases like Alzheimer’s are linked to free radical damage.

Many antioxidants are key in the fight against free radicals. Some occur naturally in the healthy fruits and vegetables we eat. Other important antioxidants are impossible to obtain from our diet and must be added with supplementation.

Who Should Use NeoGuard®?
Anyone who eats processed foods, is ever exposed to pollution, and does not eat at least two pounds of organically grown vegetables and 5 servings of fresh fruit everyday should be using NeoGuard®. In other words, everyone can benefit from NeoGuard®. Nutritional deficiencies in our diet are known to cause aches and pains as well as illness and disease. Also, the oxidative stress on the body caused by free radicals may contribute to more than fifty other health conditions including acne, eczema, back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, allergies, constipation, headaches and migraines, weak immune function, insomnia, general fatigue, irritability, depression, high cholesterol, and more. The antioxidant nutrition in NeoGuard® supports your body’s natural ability to prevent illness and disease.

Is NeoGuard® Safe?
All ingredients in NeoGuard® are 100% natural and safe food substances and nutrients. The miracle of NeoGuard® lies in the natural ability your body has to regenerate with healthy cells, muscle, skin, and bones when given effective nutrition. Combining quality supplements with the healthy habits encouraged by the NeoSource® Wellness Program is safe and effective in improving your health.

What makes NeoGuard® unique?
NeoGuard® is formulated with a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrient-dense whole foods in a unique antioxidant blend. Science has proven that antioxidants are more effective when combined. They function together much like a sports team.

There are oil based and water based antioxidants that scavenge different free radicals. It is important to consume both types because they target different free radicals. For example, an oil-based free radical attacks the fat in cell membranes. Oil-based antioxidants neutralize these free radicals. On the other hand, there are water-based free radicals in your bloodstream that attack the mitochondria your blood cells. Only a water-based antioxidant can keep this from happening. Remember, oil and water don’t mix.

There are also antioxidants that work directly and those that work indirectly. We need both. A direct antioxidant binds to a free radical and renders it harmless, thereby protecting cells from damage. Indirect antioxidants work as catalysts. They do not directly scavenge free radicals but rather boost the body’s own antioxidant systems.

Effective combinations of antioxidants have actually been proven to work synergistically together, re-cycling over and over to neutralize free radicals. The NeoSource® research and development team has designed NeoGuard® with a blend of these natural nutrients and proven antioxidants specifically to use in combination with NeoPak and other NeoSource™ products for an unmatched synergistic effect.