Get the most from your Quest Group Membership

Quest Group Members are more than just people who enjoy the benefits of our life changing products. They are part of our family. Benefits include:

Free Membership
Shopping Points
Free Subscription to Natural Health News
Access to Member Promotions
Unbeatable Customer Service

Access to Quest Group’s natural health solutions could not come at a better price.

Shopping Points

Shopping Points are our way of congratulating our loyal Members for success in choosing a healthier lifestyle. As Members continue to enjoy the benefits of NeoSource, we reward them every month with more Shopping Points that they can redeem for free product. They also earn Shopping Points for friends and family that they refer.

When you have good health, the world is a brighter place and sharing your healthy success comes naturally. We don’t ask our members for referrals, but we can’t seem to stop it either. It just comes naturally! Who can see a great new motion picture and not tell their friends. Our members feel the same way when they personally experience healthy results from NeoSource.

Natural Health News

Every quarter we publish our Natural Health News (currently only in Japanese) with the latest information about Quest Group’s natural health solutions, current promotions, and letters submitted from Quest Group Members sharing their healthy results with NeoSource products.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Whether you need assistance from our U.S. offices or from the Japan Support Center, we love to help. If you have a question or a comment please contact us by phone, email, fax or mail. Over 70% of our customers purchase from us regularly and we have a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating.