About Quest Group

Quest Group was founded to provide natural health solutions. We have partnered with top scientists and nutritional experts to develop superior products and health programs that have helped thousands of people around the world overcome common health problems – without using harmful and dangerous drugs.

We invite you to learn for yourself how easy it can be to overcome illness, disease, and weight problems. Try the NeoSource products, a natural health solution, and unleash the power of your body’s natural healing system.


The Quest Group Mission is improving the health and happiness of the world, one person at a time, through the effective nutritional products and personal improvement opportunities we provide.


Our Vision is Simple: Provide 1,000,000 customers with natural health solutions annually.


Our Values are the heart of our movement and the principles on which we are founded. All Quest Group Affiliates and employees are passionately focused on driving customer success. We:

  • Respect diversity.
  • Demand integrity.
  • Encourage teamwork and cheerfully support each other.
  • Advocate continual personal development.
  • Honor our commitments and financial stewardship.
  • Support charitable causes.
  • Constantly seek innovation and quality improvement.
  • Strive for excellence in all we do to ensure that the customer is the first beneficiary of our efforts.