DeruMonne Program

derumonne-product-webInner Health | Outer Beauty Intestinal cleansing program Good health begins in the gut and having a healthy digestive tract is vital to maintaining good health. Often people consider a digestive cleanse because they suffer from diarrhea or constipation. However, many health problems like allergies, skin rashes and disease, depression, and cancer are related to digestive health.

When elimination falls far short of requirements, toxic poison (toxemia) builds in the blood, leading eventually to degenerative disease. Certainly the increasing rates of colon cancer are related the highly processed food people commonly eat today. Every disease is related to toxemia. As toxins accumulate in the blood above the toleration point and  natural elimination fails, then the body produces a crisis to force elimination. Such crisis may come in the form of a cold or flu, pneumonia, headache or worse. Nature is trying to rid the body of toxic poisons. Any treatment that obstructs nature (such as drugs) only complicates self-curing.

Even if you have a healthy diet, it is almost impossible to avoid exposure to many of the environmental and food toxins. Processed foods are full of chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners and food coloring, and most of the bottled beverages consumed are equally tough on the digestive system. Combine this problem with not getting enough natural whole foods like fresh vegetables and fruit, and the colon has difficulty processing what we eat to absorb nutrition and eliminate the waste. If you have any of the following conditions, consider a DeruMonne Intestinal Cleansing Program:

  1. Occasional or chronic constipation
  2. Difficult bowel movements
  3. Inconsistent bowel movements (timing or texture)
  4. Strangely pungent bowel movements or gas
  5. Common intestinal gas or burping
  6. Bloated feeling in the stomach
  7. Overweight or obesity
  8. Food allergy, hay fever, asthma or other allergies
  9. Bad body odor or bad breath
  10. Chronic fatigue, low energy, or difficulty concentrating
  11. Prone to indigestion
  12. Easy to catch a cold
  13. Common headaches or migraines
  14. Craving of sweets, alcohol, tobacco, salty foods
  15. Prone to hemorrhoids
  16. Prone to yeast infections
  17. Colon polyps
  18. Anemia, edema, or poor circulation
  19. Intense mood changes, impatience, depression, etc.
  20. Common skin irritations, rough or dry skin, eczema or dermatitis

The benefits of a healthy digestive track are much more than just overcoming constipation. Without good absorption in the intestines and stomach, your body cannot get the nutrients it needs to maintain good health.   The DeruMonne Program is a very simple program that lasts 30 days. Although for optimal health we recommend a natural whole foods diet for everyone, especially when trying to cleanse, you can use the DeruMonne without changing what you eat or do every day. DeruMonne includes 4 simple, easy to take products: DeruClean is a blend of natural plant based supplements in a capsule that you take daily. DeruMix is a high fiber powder you mix with water or juice. DeruSupport is a probiotic tablet you take daily to maintain a healthy balance of good flora in the gut. DeruTea is a wonderful calming and relaxing tea you take in the evenings that will be sure to get things moving by morning.

Click here to see simple instructions on how to use the DeruMonne Program.